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What happens after we die?
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I believe each part of us returns to the earth in some fashion. Our bodies decompose, our spirits live on in those whose lives we have touched, our energy passes on into the world and disperses much like the parts of our body, into several differnt things. I don't believe in reincarnation as a whole being with the same conscience I have now. I do believe in reincarnation as many different entities, plants, the animals that eat those plants and so on...just from a decompistion stand point and that decompisition feeding the earth.
should we discuss if there is a heaven or a hell? Though, I don't see a need for either in this comment.
im not sure
i dont like thinking about it because it makes me feel really old
but yeah
i have a gjost in my room
a ghost in your room? Explain?

one night i had a dream about this girl who looks like the girl from the ring film...not that i watched it...i sqaw the adverty and was scared of it...anyway and i dremt she used to live in ym room and one day she got really really upset and was throwing everything around and shouting an everything. in the end she jumped down the stairs...where mum and alice were at the botom
ever sinse then ive seen her out side me door..behind my wardrobe bit
in mum and dads room when no ones in there and its darl...she normally looking in the mirror at me or sitting on top of the certain rail

she lives in my wardrobe...my wardrobe is right next door wo mum and dads wardrobe bit...and they have like extended wardrobe which tunrs out to act like the wall of the room...she gose in theretoo

i call her suicidal kid...because suicide scares me..
i dont think she likes me calling her that
but thats who ive grown up naming her and so she shall remin that

the mind is a powerful thing. It can create an image of what you fear that is so real that you believe it is. I am not saying that you are experiencing this phenomenon, however, I wanted to suggest that it may be a possibility.
according to my step-son, we "decontaminate."
would that be decompose?
Do you have any theories?
he meant decompose, but he said "decontaminate." He does things like that quite often.

I actually listened to a group of 11 & 12 year olds have this discussion back in December. Their perspectives were very interesting. Children from 3 different families had similar perspectives, yet each had their own opinion.

One wasn't sure about an afterlife, but took the question literally, hence decontaminating.

two believe in reincarnation.

One believes in an afterlife.

It was interesting to hear the discussion. In the end they all agreed that something happens, and that while our body does decompose, our souls/spirits travel on to finish what ever mission they were created to complete.
I see, and you?