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What is grace? What does "grace" mean to you? How can we exemplify grace in our daily lives?
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grace is being happy...and skipping about the place...like a fairy not like a big blob of non graceflness [elephants can be graceful]
graceful movement. Very concise description of it too. Thank you.
To me, grace is more about a quiet strenght and dignity. I tend to distinguish mentally between "graceful" (physical movement, like a ballerina) and "grace", which has more to do with facing even the worse life can toss at you with calm dignity, not letting the little stuff get under your skin. For some reason my mental "image" (not really a visual, but an associate of traits) has it being a female, powerful matriarchal trait. Queenly, but not in an arrogant way.
oh, what a lovely description.