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What is Love?
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that depends on what type of love you are referring to. the love of a soul mate? The love of a friend? The love of a companion animal? The love of brocolli?
and more. what does it mean to love, to be loved, how do different loves differ? Is it tangible, is it visible?
The only person to whom I have ever referred as "we" when talking about he and I gave me a note that said this two days before we decided to let each other go:
To love is to like something or someone to the degree that you know that you could never give it up under normal circumstances; and even under extraordinary circumstances it may not be easy or even possible, unless, in giving it up, you are attending to its wellfare more than your own, or you are giving it up for something which you love much more strongly...You asked...

And then, of course, there's always Corinthians 13 to refer back to.
very well stated.
love is an intangible, open concept with varying meanings for each person. The strongest love is the bond that will influence a being to give up their life in order to protct another. The greatest sacrifice.
You can love enough to sacrifice your joy for the joy of another, or find that you are joyous soley because the one you love is joyous.
Love, too big a concept to really wrap our minds around, and yet we have each felt it at some point.